Project Status For:, Kiko

Project Description


Project Timing

  • Start Date:
  • Predicted End: 2016/17

Current Tasks

Currently gathering opinions and support from local leaders and donors. Identifying location of suitable water sources.

Current Holds

Evaluation of various water source location and selection. Mitigation strategies for possible environment impact.

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Advocacies, Call for Applications, and Evaluation

1. Awareness Creation at District and Sub County Levels 2. Call for Applications for detailed designs 3. Receiving and Verifying applications *Steering Committee Approving RGC's to be implemented

40% 40%Design and Mobilization

1. Procurement of consultants for Mobilization and design 2. Mobilization, Feasibility Studies, Baseline Surveys 3. Design Documentation and Preparation of Tender Documents *Detailed designs in place

60% 60%Fulfillment of Community Obligations

1. Land acquisition, cash contributions *Applications for Construction received

80% 80%Construction and O&M Set Up

• Procurement of Contractors and Consultants • Construction of WSS Facilities • Fulfillment of the Sanitation Programme • Selection and Training of Private Scheme Operator *Completion of Construction Works, WSSB, and SO/PO in place