Project Status For:, Namalu RGC

Project Description

The scope of works involves furnishing the necessary labour, materials, equipment and services for the construction of Namalu town water supply system, and consists of the following main elements: Construction of 1 No.pump station; supply, installation and commissioning of 1 No. Submersible pump with a discharge of 12m3/hr at a head of 120m, including all associated accessories and control devices, powered by UEDCL and a 20kVA standby diesel generator; supply, laying and commissioning of 1.8km of OD 63mm HDPE PN 16 transmission mains including all associated fittings and ancillaries; supply and installation of a prefabricated 80m3 storage tank raised on 1.2m dwarf walls including all associated fittings, appurtenances and site works; construction of a chlorine dosing house fully equipped with an Electrolytic Disinfection Machine and all its accessories; supply, laying and commissioning of 9.8km of OD 32mm-OD 110mm uPVC/HDPE all to PN 6 distribution pipe lines inclusive of all associated fittings and ancillaries; construction of a water office; making 100 private service connections and 1 public stand post and extension of 3-phase UMEME/UEDCL to the pump station over a distance of 500m inclusive of all substations and approvals necessary to complete the power connection

Project Timing

  • Start Date: 23-10-2012
  • Predicted End: 31-07-2014

Current Tasks

Contract implementation on schedule

Current Holds

Contract period was extended through a formal amendment of the contract. Contract implementation was delayed mainly due to inclement weather at the start of implementation, unreliable funding and limited commitment from the works contractor. Implementation started a year after signing of the contract

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Advocacy meetings

Awareness Creation at District and Sub County Levels Call for Applications for detailed designs Receiving and Verifying applications

40% 40%Design and Mobilization

Procurement of consultants for Mobilization and design Mobilization, Feasibility Studies, Baseline Surveys Design Documentation and Preparation of Tender Documents

60% 60%Fulfillment of Community Obligations

Land acquisition, cash contributions

80% 80%Construction and O&M Set Up

Procurement of Contractors and Consultants Construction of WSS Facilities Fulfillment of the Sanitation Programme Selection and Training of Private Scheme Operator