Project Status For:, Nyarubungo

Project Description


Project Timing

  • Start Date:
  • Predicted End: 2015/16

Current Tasks

Currently construction of the scheme is ongoing , selection of Private Scheme Operator

Current Holds

Access to water source location constraints and communication. Evaluation of Private Scheme Operator.

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Advocacies, Call for Applications, and Evaluation

1. Awareness Creation at District and Sub County Levels 2. Call for Applications for detailed designs 3. Receiving and Verifying applications *Steering Committee Approving RGC's to be implemented

40% 40%Design and Mobilization

1. Procurement of consultants for Mobilization and design 2. Mobilization, Feasibility Studies, Baseline Surveys 3. Design Documentation and Preparation of Tender Documents *Detailed designs in place

60% 60%Fulfillment of Community Obligations

1. Land acquisition, cash contributions *Applications for Construction received

80% 80%Construction and O&M Set Up

• Procurement of Contractors and Consultants • Construction of WSS Facilities • Fulfillment of the Sanitation Programme • Selection and Training of Private Scheme Operator *Completion of Construction Works, WSSB, and SO/PO in place