Project Status For:, Adjumani

Project Description

Name of town/RGC Adjumani
Project Name Construction of Adjumani town water supply and sanitation system
Scope of contract Two pump stations: PS-1 with one 30-KVA generator (5, 2 -l/h Diesel consumption), and one 18-m3/h and 22-kw submersible pump and PS-2 with one 15-KVA generator (3, 3 -l/h Diesel consumption), and one 8-m3/h and 5, 5-kw submersible pump. 08-km transmission lines, with OD 63 and 90 mm respectively; two 192-m3 reservoir tanks. 31 km of OD 110/63 mm HDPE distribution network. 919 yard connection; four water-sell kiosk with 04 taps each. 05 shared 2-stances Ecosan toilets, seven household Ecosan toilets, one 8-strance public flush toilet, two blocks of 4-stance flush toilets and 01 office block.
Revised Contract Price UGX 3,545,400,775
Date of commencement November 2010
Planned date for completion 7th/Feb./ 2013 (Certificate of Substantiual Completion issued and dated on February 2013)
Actual Progress (%) 100%
Remarks Defects liability period is elapsing on 30th September after being extendedHowever, for the extension of Hydro-power national grid; procurement process awaits clearance from Solicitor General for the successful bidder.

Project Timing

  • Start Date:
  • Predicted End: 01-07-2013

Current Tasks

Current Holds

Defects liability period is elapsing on 30th September after being extended

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Advocacy meetings

Awareness Creation at District and Sub County Levels Call for Applications for detailed designs Receiving and Verifying applications

40% 40%Design and Mobilization

Procurement of consultants for Mobilization and design Mobilization, Feasibility Studies, Baseline Surveys Design Documentation and Preparation of Tender Documents

60% 60%Fulfillment of Community Obligations

Land acquisition, cash contributions

80% 80%Construction and O&M Set Up

Procurement of Contractors and Consultants Construction of WSS Facilities Fulfillment of the Sanitation Programme Selection and Training of Private Scheme Operator