WSDF-N commenced operations on 1st July 2008 with a Branch Office in Lira Municipality on Maruzi Rd, Plot 14/16 next to Lira NWSC/ Lira District Water.

WSDF-N is one of the four branches of the Water and Sanitation Development Facility in the Ministry of Water and Environment. It was established as a funding mechanism for provision of piped water and sanitation services in northern Uganda.

It is under the Urban Water and Sewerage Services (UWSS) Department of the Directorate of Water Development (DWD), and its interventions are part of the activities being implemented under the Joint Water and Environment Sector support Programme (JWESSP) funded by a joint contribution of Development Partners and the Government of Uganda.

WSDF-N covers twenty-three districts of northern Uganda, and is in the 2nd implementation year under the KfW 05-year funding cycle that started in the FY’2012/13. In the due course of its interventions, WSDF-N ensures that a full package, inclusive of but not limited to;

  1. A functional piped water supply system, with
  2. Protected catchment areas,
  3. A water office,
  4. Public flush toilets,
  5. Demonstration toilets at households and institutions of learning,
  6. Operation and Maintenance structures,
  7. Assets register, and
  8. As built drawings and operation manuals – is delivered upon completion of each town project.

These interventions contribute towards the two JPF-WSSD themes, namely:

  • To increase water supply service coverage for STs/RGC in a pro-poor sensitive, and
  • To improved urban sanitation and hygiene services in STs/RGCs.

This is achieved through:

  1. Constructing Piped water supply systems and Sanitation facilities in STs/RGCs,
  2. Carrying promotional campaigns aimed at improving latrine coverage, personal hygiene like hand washing after visiting latrine, and catchment protection, and
  3. Building capacities of local authorities and communities to sustainably operate and manage the investments.
  4. Sensitizing communities on water and sanitation through radio, traditional and print media.

While the completed facilities in the small towns and rural growth schemes are handed over to the scheme operators (skilled individuals) or private operators (registered firms), big towns such as Paidha T.C was gazetted under NWSC for operation and maintenance. In all cases, the assets remain as property of the Government that is entrusted to the respective water operators.
Funding and planning
Initially WSDF-N was receiving funding from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), but currently funding is from the Germany Government through Germany Development Bank (KfW) and the Government of Uganda with technical support from the German Development Cooperation (GIZ).
On October 10th 2010, the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany signed a Financial Cooperation (‘Government Agreement’) with the Government of Uganda to support Water and Sanitation Development Facilities (WSDFs) in the Northern and Eastern Uganda to a tune of EUR 20,000,000.00 for a 03-year period starting from January 2012 to December 2014. This fund is inclusive of 10% GoU counterpart funding.

WSDF-N was allocated EUR 12,000,000.00 for development of water and sanitation facilities in 15 Small Towns (STs) and Rural Growth Centres (RGCs) inclusive of both new systems and rehabilitations across the three sub-regions of Lango, Acholi and West Nile.
At the planning WSDF-N engages the benefiting district at the level Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Chief Administrative Office (CAO), Chairperson LCV, and the District Water Officer (DWO) to come up with the priority list of STs/RGCs that is presented to the members of the Steering Committee inclusive of Donors, CAOs, DWOs, other partners in the sectors, and is chaired by the Director for the Directorate of Water Development (DWD) for approval.
Frequent monitoring and supervision of the contractors and consultants for the on-going interventions is jointly conducted by all the stakeholders to ensure that the deliverables meet the set quality standards and are achieved on time.

# Unit/Section Position Name Qualification Email
1 Administration Branch Manager Alito George
Senior M&E Officer John Semujju Mulimira
Administrator Kiiza Elison
Administrative Assistant Atim Lucy
Stores Assistant Owiga Drakey
2 Engineering Senior Engineer Opige Johnson
Pariyo Benard
Project Engineer(s): Oyo Samuel
Engineering Assistants Okwir Felix
Obongo Geofrey Nyog
Surveyor Zzimbe Elvis
Droughtsperson Okello Essele Emmanuel
3 Procurement Senior Procurement Officer Kyeyune Ronald
Procurement Officer Omeja Moses
Akao Mary
4 Accounts Senior Accountant Alal Job
Accountants Masiga Patrick
Odyek Ruth Evelyn
5 Community Mobilisation Senior Sociologist Oketcho Pokomol
Sociologist Ojuka Alex Jalameso
Akello Sunny Winnie
Apio Eunice
6 Environmental Sanitation Senior Environment Sanitation Officer Babita Elizabeth
Environment Sanitation Officer Mujjabi Martin Mukasa
Environment Sanitation Assistant
7 Others Office Attendant Atim Ann Bikira
Driver Irumba Lawrence
Driver Mukesi Wilberforce
Driver Otim Godfrey
Driver Tumwebaze Francis
Driver Menya Abadi
Driver Karugaba Joshua
Office Cleaner Akello Eunice
Watchman Alum Bety

To contact us please use the details below:


P. O. BOX 381, Lira, Uganda

Maruzi Rd, Plot 14/16 (next to Lira NWSC/ Lira District Water)

Lira Municipality